7 months ago

Is this cheating ? Pub toilet in Eyeries 😂

7 months ago
Discover Beara

Thanks guys, great pics

The Eireball Run vintage VW camper vans staying in Eyeries as guests of Colman O'Sullivan

9 months ago

You know it's getting close when the sponsor cards are printed!! Thanks Barry Design & Print for producing these again this year for us!

9 months ago

The moment you thought you saw a good sunset and realised it was a lidl sign 😂

9 months ago

Teaser; Night one! Oldcastle! Co Meath

9 months ago
Michael McIntyre Fans

Always to stretch out after a long drive, maybe we should try this routine after each drive 😂😂😂😂😂

80s exercise videos really were something 😅😅

9 months ago

Soooo we are nearly there with the route! Expect a mail soon!!!
I for one am getting totally excited!!! 🤗

10 months ago
Eireball 2018 Charities Reveal!

Our 2018 Charities have been revealed, Following on from discussions with participants of Eireball we decided to choose Irish heart Foundation as our first charity, This is in memory of a dear friend ... See more

10 months ago

Panic not folks! You'll get the GDPR email next week! Opt in if you want to stay on the list or you'll hear no more from us!

11 months ago
The stolen vw register

UPDATE: to The Stolen Vw Register
14 mins ·
Big news of the day fayes mcdowells camper has been recovered and is safe
Found through one of our posts and secured initially by a member of the ... See more

See new post on page for details
Week done to everyone whom shared it was one of your shares that made it to the crucial pair of eyes

Update please if anyone’s in Collier row Romford ... See more

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